E3 Video: City Escape Breaks During Live IGN Demo

E3 Video: City Escape Breaks During Live IGN Demo

by June 10, 2011

A Little Too Much Boost for the Blue Blur

When you are demoing one of your flagship titles for a major media organization followed by millions of people, the last thing you want to happen is for a glitch to happen live in a franchise notorious for game breaking glitches.

That is exactly what happened tonight when IGN, along with Sega’s Patrick Riley, demoed Sonic Generations’s City Escape stage live.  This isn’t rolling physics anomalies or something equally as asinine; we’re talking about something that stopped the game dead in its tracks.  A video was made available late this evening, but was removed from Youtube, most likely due to the lack of audio on the segment.

But that’s not really important.  We made the edit where the glitch happened, ironically in modern Sonic’s portion of the level.  Sonic speeds down a building, hits a speed booster, and…well…watch for yourself below. Yes, this is an early copy. But yes, this game is also less than six months away from release.

It’s been reported Takashi Iizuka said to Sonic Boom attendees to raise their expectations.  They and we probably should start here.