Report: Sega QA Lead Admits Sonic Generations 3DS “Sucks”

Report: Sega QA Lead Admits Sonic Generations 3DS “Sucks”

by June 13, 2011

Previewer Calls Mobile Port “Pure Trash”

There are high hopes right now for the console edition for Sonic Generations.  The same, unfortunately, cannot be said for the 3DS edition.  If you’re not warming up to it, don’t feel bad–apparently, neither are folks within Sega either.

That, according to a post on the Rev. Rob Times.  We’re not entirely sure if Robert Vinciguerra is, in fact, a member of the clergy (but let’s pretend, it’ll give the following dry jokes much more ground to work with,) but if his words for the 3DS port are any indication, he’ll keep damning it to Hell:

Unlike the superb games that the home consoles are getting, the Nintendo 3DS version that was on display is pure trash.

The graphics are duller than the 8-bit Sega Master System games of the 1990s and game play feels just as slow. It has the same fatal error of Sonic 4 where Sonic unfurls his body when he launches into the air, exposing him to all enemies; plus Sonic doesn’t air control properly, making simple platforming a chore.

Interestingly, Vinciguerra found someone who saw the light with him–a member of Sega’s own QA testing team, who was unnamed in the preview, and promised the problems would be fixed in time for release:

In its defense I did speak with the lead QA representative for the Sonic Generations team who assured me that they know the 3DS version “sucks,” and are planning to correct these specific issues before the game’s release later this year.

So, to conclude this sermon, let us all pray that the tester spoke the truth, because as told in John 8:32, And you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.

Of course, the dirty truth is we’ve heard this rhetoric before.  Indeed, Great men are not always wise (Job 32:9).  Amen to that.