Sonic Heroes 20th Anniversary Soundtrack in Works

Sonic Heroes 20th Anniversary Soundtrack in Works

by June 13, 2011

Another Compilation to Commemorate in the Works

We already know the two Sonic Adventure titles will receive a water-down re-release for the 20th anniversary.  Now it’s Sonic Heroes‘s turn.

Woun of the Russian Sonic Scene tips us and tells us of a listing on various Japanese online stores.  The listing has since been added to  Not much is currently known about the re-release, but keep in mind there were three OSTs released for the title: the Japanese one, dubbed Complete Trinity, a separate vocal OST dubbed Triple Threat, and a domestic release simply known as the original sountrack.  That had 30 tracks, the Japanese OST had 68.  Our money would lean toward this hitting closer to the 30 mark, but no tracklist has been made public yet.

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