Announcing the 50,000th Comment Contest

Announcing the 50,000th Comment Contest

by June 20, 2011

A Good Time to Switch to a Legit E-Mail Address

We’ve hit a lot of milestones here at TSSZ in recent months, and just as Sonic turns 20, we’re expected to hit another one this week: Our 50,000th comment on this website.

In fact, we are so close to that milestone that we figure we’d give something away for it.  Aaron Webber at Sega has furnished a couple prizes to us, and we’re going to give all of them away to the lucky author of the 50,000th comment.

But here’s the fun part; while we know how close we are, you don’t.  We’ll announce the winner once it’s happened, but until then, it could happen to anyone, at any time…which is why it’s very important that you’re using a legit E-Mail address when commenting on this site for the duration of the contest.  If we have no way to contact you, you forfeit the prizes!

Those prizes are:

  • One (1) Sonic Boom Limited Edition T-shirt in either Small, Medium, Large, or XL size
  • One (1) Sonic Generations Button Pack, containing both a modern and classic Sonic button

The owner of the 50,000th comment will be contacted by E-Mail in private.

Here are some other contest rules:

  • Eligible participants include any comment from a user not banned at the time of the contest’s execution.  If you’re banned, don’t bother trying.
  • Participants who spam or flood news stories in order to monopolize post counts will be disqualified.  In short, your comments must remain related to the story topic at hand.  TSSZ staff will determine if a comment or set of comments constitutes flooding.
  • For the duration of this contest, comments deemed inflammatory or otherwise inappropriate will be DELETED without warning, and not count toward the final number of comments.  In short, you still have to follow the rules.
  • As stated above, if an invalid E-Mail address complements the 50,000th comment, the author forfeits his or her prize.
  • Anyone with a valid postal address is eligible to win.  TSSZ staff and SEGA staff are not eligible to win.
  • In the event of a forfeit or invalid entry, we will choose comment 50,001 as the winner.  If that comment does not qualify, we will choose the next eligible comment as the winner.
  • TSSZ News LLC reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions of the contest at any time, without warning and without notice.

We thank Aaron Webber at Sega for the opportunity to hold another contest for you.  So, for now, keep on commenting, and good luck!