OCReMix teases NiGHTS Album with video

OCReMix teases NiGHTS Album with video

by June 28, 2011

Find out release date, preview tracklist, see pretty art

Overclocked ReMix has been on something of a Sonic Team bend as of late; as you may recall, their 25th Remix Album was The Sound Of Speed, a tribute to the original Sonic the Hedgehog. They’re following that up with “Lucid Dreaming”, a tribute to Sonic Team’s Sega Saturn classic, NiGHTS: Into Dreams. In the works for quite a while now, OCReMix put out a teaser trailer today, offering a preview at the album’s handful of tracks, in addition to featuring artwork from Nightsintodreams.com‘s own Lynn Triplett (among many other talented artists).

(Can’t see the video? Click here)

Unlike “The Sound Of Speed”, which featured a trailer with no projected release date, “Lucid Dreaming” is set to drop a week from now, on July 5th – exactly 15 years since the original game released in 1996.