RUMOR: Sega Mexico Rep Hints at Several Upcoming Sonic Titles

RUMOR: Sega Mexico Rep Hints at Several Upcoming Sonic Titles

by June 29, 2011

Another Storybook & Superstars Title?

Yes, Sega Mexico does exist, so much so that Sega’s main Twitter acknowledged the new account that went up this week.  But the community team may want to bring whoever’s running it in line, because details from a public chat held with a Sega Mexico representative last night–presumably the same rep who runs the Twitter feed–show a lot of dirt dished on several Sonic titles known and allegedly in the pipeline.

Sonic Paradise head Jack Wallace sat in on the chat, which was in Spanish and hosted by, and was able to see and ask an array of questions about what we know and what’s to come.  The rep, among other things, spoke explicitly about the prospects of another entry coming in the Sega Superstars series, as well as a third entry coming in the Sonic Storybook series.  The latter, if it holds, would contrast some of our earlier reporting.

First, the rep, citing Sonic and the Secret Rings as an example, was adamant that the games are “a part of a trilogy of Sonic titles with the characters involved in fantastic stories.”

When Jack corrected the rep about how there are two Storybook titles thus far, this was the response without further elaboration, translated into English:

No, it’ll be a trilogy, just you wait…

In a second excerpt, the rep also directly infers the coming presence of another entry in the Superstars series.  Loosely citing it instead as the Sonic & Sega series, the rep talks about Sega Superstars Tennis being the first, and ASR being the second.  What about the next?

Seg (sic) & Sonic All Star Racers is the second title at the Sonic & Sega series; the first one is about tennis.  And the third one…you’ll see.

(Update: One of our readers, Okura, comments below that any subsequent Superstars title would technically be the fourth, not third, taking into account the original 2004 Sega Superstars on Playstation 2.  Both we and the rep overlooked that nugget of history, and for completeness’s sake, we wanted to cite that here.)

The rep also hinted at bonus stages for Sonic Generations.  We already know about the Casino Night DLC on the way, and we know about Sonic Heroes style special stages on the 3DS.  However, when talk about those 3DS bonus stages cropped up, the following words from the Sega Mexico rep appear to imply the presence of special stages in some form on the home console version as well:

I can’t comment anymore than saying it can’t be Classic Sonic without Bonus Levels…

The rep went on to say plans are underway to bring a Sonic Generations demo to Mexico’s north country in due course, which may include playtime in a new level.  That could mean City Escape, or it could mean something else. Speculation aside, corporate approval is pending for that event.

And then there’s this…frankly, we’re not sure what to make of it.  The long forgotten Game Gear title Tails Adventures and Tails Skypatrol came up in conversation when chat participants talked about how Tails should have a game of his own.  This is how the Sega Mexico rep responded to those remarks.  We want to make clear this appears to be more a personal opinion than a hint:

Something like a Sonic Adventure 3….DS?  I think that would be a great idea.

That last part, we’re just not sure about.  It may give the Adventure fans some hope, but for now, try not to look too far into that specific detail.  The rest of the information from the chat, given where it’s coming from, certainly seems likely, especially in the case of Generations and a new Superstars entry, given the success of ASR.  We will keep you updated on anything more.  Thanks to Jack Wallace of Sonic Paradise for tipping us.

(We’ve since re-labeled this as rumor; please read our update to this story for a clear explanation why.)