UPDATE: Sega Mexico Rep Rebuffs Sonic Remarks

UPDATE: Sega Mexico Rep Rebuffs Sonic Remarks

by June 29, 2011

Says His Words “Were Misinterpretations”

In our original article regarding the alleged hints of upcoming Sonic fare from a Sega Mexico representative, we quipped that the domestic community ought to bring the country’s reps in line, given the magnitude of what may have been disclosed in a Blit.com.mx piece yesterday.

How right that remark may have been.  About three hours after our story was published, we received an E-Mail via the News Tips system from the man himself, Jose Saucedo.  He confirmed his role with Sega to us, and then asked that we retract our story.

“I want to tell you that the comments on the chat that I made yesterday were misinterpretations by the users and listeners from the website,” Saucedo said, referring to last night’s chat that included numerous citations of his words, of which both we and the original website who broke the story, Sonic Paradise, have primary source details of, including direct chat log quotes and context.  For reference, Sonic Paradise has since removed their original story, and we never overtly treated the material as confirmed.

“The information given on your note is not true since I’ve no access to this kind of information in any way,” Saucedo continued.

When Sonic Generations was messily revealed to the world as Sonic Anniversary in October, representatives at Sega Spain made a similar about-faceGenerations would make its formal public splash about six months later.

Though Sonic Paradise has removed their story, we’re not so convinced.  As an example, why Saucedo would talk about alleged bonus stages for the console editions of Sonic Generations and also claim a playtest in the works Mexico’s north when he knows nothing about the game simply doesn’t make sense.  But to be sure, we’ve clearly re-labeled the original story as rumor.  We will keep tabs.  If you know anything and can clear the air, you’re encouraged to send a news tip.