Summer of Sonic Video: Jun Senoue’s Set

Summer of Sonic Video: Jun Senoue’s Set

by June 30, 2011

One Half of Crush 40 Performs

While there wasn’t a proper Crush 40 performance at last weekend’s Summer of Sonic, Jun Senoue was on hand, and he put on a show for those in attendance.

Many fans and media caught it on camera, including German website Sega Portal, and it’s their video we’re relaying here.  Senoue starts off with some Splash Hill, then moves to several variants of Green Hill, including those heard in Sonic Generations.  The crowd goes while once Senoue starts busting out City Escape, and that’s quickly followed by a sing-a-long to the main theme of Sonic Adventure 2, Live and Learn.

Take a look at the set below.