We Have a Winner in the 50,000th Comment Contest

We Have a Winner in the 50,000th Comment Contest

by July 1, 2011

Noku, Your Prizes Are in the Mail

It’s a good thing we announced our 50,000th comment contest when we did; a winner was declared the same day.

Noku was given the big honor, and for his efforts he has won that Sonic Limited Edition T-shirt, along with those buttons from the event.

So, what was the 50,000th comment?  It was in response to the Sonic 1 & 2 soundtrack announcement, and in typical demanding fashion, it read like this:

A demo of the CD, now!! XD

We can’t deliver the demo, but we hope the prizes are a suitable replacement.  Congratulations to Noku!  And thanks again to Sega’s Aaron Webber for affording us the opportunity to give more stuff away.

By the way, we’re two percent of the way to 100,000 comments with over a thousand more recorded since the contest.