“Sonic Anniversary PC Pack” On Sale in Australia

“Sonic Anniversary PC Pack” On Sale in Australia

by July 4, 2011

A Ton of Games, and Some Neat Swag

It turns out Sonic Anniversary does exist…just not as what was advertised last October.

It’s called the Sonic Anniversary PC Pack, and so far it’s only available in Australia, but can be ordered through this link.  According to the website Sonic Collectibles, the package contains four PC games of yore: Sonic Heroes: Sonic Riders, Sonic Adventure DX, and Sonic Mega Collection Plus.  But collectors will want it more for what else is inside, including a 20th anniversary mouse, and mouse pad.

The pack can be bought for $28.84 in Australian dollars, which is the equivalent of a hair under $31 US dollars.  There’s no word on whether this will make it to domestic shores.