Sega Inquires About NiGHTS Re-Release on Facebook

Sega Inquires About NiGHTS Re-Release on Facebook

by July 5, 2011

A Window Open to Not Forget NiGHTS

Today would have been the perfect day for Sega to surprise its fans and re-release NiGHTS to current consoles.

But many fans will gladly take Sega’s inquiry to fans instead on the viability of doing such a thing.  It happened within the past hour on Facebook.

“To our wonderful NiGHTS fans – we haven’t forgotten that today is the 15th anniversary of NiGHTS, so happy 15th anniversary to NiGHTS and huge thank you! to everyone for supporting the character and game for all these years!” the statement began, complementing a photo of the protagonist.  “How would you feel about seeing the original “NiGHTS into dreams…” being re-released? Also, if you think this is a good idea… which platform do you think NiGHTS should be released in? We’d love to hear your thoughts!”

Already, as of this article’s publication, the post has received close to 500 “likes,” along with more than 350 formal feedback comments from Sega Facebook fans.

NiGHTS has seen re-release before, in Japan.  A copy of the game, bundled with Christmas NiGHTS, was remade and released to the Playstation 2 three years ago.  It included 16×9 support.  If Sega indeed does have plans for a remake, that sort of release would be welcomed by fans, but there’s no way to tell if that’s what is up Sega’s sleeve.

The bottom line: The plot thickens.