On EBay, A Sonic 20th Anniversary Statue

On EBay, A Sonic 20th Anniversary Statue

by July 18, 2011

With Sega Not Too Pleased About the Sale

Because they’re not sold, only distributed at limited times, and are of a limited quantity of 1,000 to begin with, the Sonic 20th Anniversary figures are hot commodities.  It’s believed not all of them have even been distributed yet, but those that have are already fetching for high prices.

That includes Ebay, where an Italy based seller can already expect the equivalent of $408 and perhaps more when his auction of Sonic anniversary figurine #708 ends in about 8 days.  The auction started at a single Euro, and 12 bids later, it even got the attention of Sega’s community team, who expressed disappointment of the quick sell on Twitter Sunday.

“[….] I’m honestly sad to see it go up in such a way,” read a community manager’s Tweet on the matter in part.

If you’re flush with cash and really want one, you should also know there is no Buy it Now option for the auction.  Shipping isn’t cheap, either: Outside Italy throughout the rest of Europe, that’ll set you back another €40, or over $56.  And if you’re an American willing to buy?  Shipping will set you back another €60–almost an additional $85.