New M&S 2012 Olympics Details from Sega Arcade Demo

New M&S 2012 Olympics Details from Sega Arcade Demo

by July 25, 2011

How Characters Stack Up, and More

Shayne Edwards, along with her husband Charles, went to the Sega Arcade display at San Diego for us this weekend.  There isn’t much to speak of regarding Sonic Generations, but there was another title there that we now more about: Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The Wii version was present, and unless otherwise cited, details that follow will be exclusive to that version.  Recording actual in-game footage was forbidden, but Shayne provides us these character details, including their in-game classification:
Power Type Characters: Wario, Knuckles, Bowser, Vector, Donkey Kong
All Around Type Characters: Luigi, Amy, Mario, Blaze, Bowser Jr.
Speed Type Characters: Shadow, Daisy, Sonic, Yoshi, Metal Sonic
Skill Type Characters: Tails, Princess Peach, Eggman, Wa-Luigi, Silver

The duo also learned of several events coming to both versions; some we knew about, and a couple we didn’t.  Olympic events on Wii include Canoeing, Badminton, and the Equestrian (read: I’m on a horse.)  Dream events include Discus and the Long Jump.

For the 3DS, Canoeing and Badminton will also be included.  Judo and the Balance Beam will join them on that version, as well a racing game where, according to Shayne, ” you have to move in time with music.”

We thank Shayne and Charles of Sonic Remix Studios for helping us out at Sega’s event this weekend.  As the week continues, we’ll show you more of the Sonic scene from there.