Archie’s Kaminski Says New Writers Coming to Sonic Comics

Archie’s Kaminski Says New Writers Coming to Sonic Comics

by July 28, 2011

Flynn to Remain “The Brain Trust”

In an interview from last week’s Comic Con published today on Sonic Stadium, Sonic comics editor Paul Kaminski said two writers will be added, forming a bullpen of sorts for the series.

The writers, not named, will be responsible for “backup stories,” in Kaminski’s words.  Existing Sonic comic staffer Tracy Yardley will also pitch in, writing the Babylon Rogue arc for Sonic Universe.

To this point, writer Ian Flynn has been almost exclusively responsible for writing both series, and recently added Mega Man and the still in development Cosmo the Merry Martian to his roster.  Despite the workload, Kaminski assured in the interview he will retain most responsibilities:

We have two other writers coming in to do backup stories, so you’ll see a little switch up here and there. Ian’s still the brain trust. He and I get together to workout the storylines for years to come.

The interview can be read in full at the above cited link.  It includes an explanation on how Sally has been handled inside the comics of late, and also teases an increased presence by Amy Rose that’s soon to come.