More Playable Characters Coming to Sonic Generations?

More Playable Characters Coming to Sonic Generations?

by July 28, 2011

One New Preview Says Yes; One New Interview Says No

Will there or will there not be opportunities for other characters to be played in Sonic Generations?  And if so, to what extent will they be available?

Last month’s mining of the Sonic Generations demo certainly suggested the possibility, but two conflicting pieces of information on those subjects were released today.  The first we find through Sonic Paradise: A new preview from Spanish website ZonaRed which strongly suggests characters besides classic and modern Sonic could be controlled in some missions.  In fact, Sonic Paradise’s analysis and translation of the preview notes Sega representatives suggested a 90% chance of such a situation occurring, be it through those side missions or other means.

The ZonaRed preview also suggests a bona fide collector’s edition of Sonic Generations may still be in the works and could be announced by Sega within several weeks’ time.  Another level will be ready for a demo in time for September, but it’s not clear whether that will be for press only or the general public, nor is there any indication where the new level will be demoed.

And then there’s this: An interview conducted last week and published today by Segabits and others with Aaron Webber, Associate Brand Manager for Sonic Generations, strongly suggests additional playable characters aren’t happening.  When prompted about last month’s demo mining, Webber expressed disappointment at the reveals, and flatly stated only modern and classic Sonic are playable:

Ah the leak. I really wish that hadn’t been published. Several of those assets are from an older build and will not be in the final game. It’s a misrepresentation. As we stated in the beginning, only classic and modern Sonic are playable. You will see many of Sonic’s friends in the game but you will not play as them.

Interestingly enough, despite the above remark, Webber noted in the interview the demo build that many downloaded in June was “a more current build” than what was shown at E3.

So, which side do you believe?  Which side do you want to believe?  Tell us below in the comments.