Piracy Court Case Nets Sega $10,000

Piracy Court Case Nets Sega $10,000

by July 29, 2011

Game copiers sold

Recently Sega managed to resolve a lawsuit against the website MAPHIA. According to the case, MAPHIA “allowed for, and actively encouraged, the upload and download of unauthorized versions of copyrighted Sega video games”. Not only that, but MAPHIA – and the owner, Sherman – were accused of trademark infringement and actively selling game copiers. The court ruled a “likelihood of consumer confusion regarding the sponsorship and origin of the game files available” which lead to the count of false designation of origin.

Fortunately for MAPHIA and the owner, Sherman, Sega could only claim $10,000 of damages due to not being able to prove “other claims”.

Full details can be found here.