On EBay, a Set of Sonic Pogs

On EBay, a Set of Sonic Pogs

by August 1, 2011

Collectors’ Blast from the Past Can Be Yours

Let’s separate the men from the boys with this small trip through time.  Before Yu-Gi-Oh!, Cardcaptors and Pokémon…there were Pogs.  Now, an alleged complete set of Sonic Pogs are available to purchase via EBay.

If you don’t know what they are, they were collectible discs sometimes won or lost on the school playground when kids literally threw down on a stack of them, and they were big in the early to mid 1990s.  When you play for keeps, you almost never leave with the same set of Pogs, and that’s what makes this particular auction interesting.  The Colorado based seller says it is a complete set of 20 Pogs, unplayed, in great condition.  Among other things, the Pogs reference Sally from the comics and SatAM, the AoSTH era Robotnik, nd Knuckles, indicating they may have surfaced during 1994.

They can be yours for a reasonable Buy it Now price of $85 plus shipping, or you can make an offer–though understand three offers have been rejected thus far.  The sale closes in about four days.