UPDATE: Sonic Anniversary XBOX Avatar Items Now Available

UPDATE: Sonic Anniversary XBOX Avatar Items Now Available

by August 3, 2011

Get a Cake, Get a Hat…Get Nickel and Dimed?

In what universe are Avatar items more expensive than some downloadable games?  Evidently, in Sonic and Sega’s universe.

Popping up on the XBOX Live Marketplace today are two Sonic 20th Anniversary related items, a cake and a hat.  UPDATE: Sega has just updated their Twitter account with word these items will only be available for the next two weeks.

They are under DLC for Sonic Generations, and their prices are a bit eye-popping.  The anniversary hat runs 160 MSP, or $2, but the cake accessory runs a hefty 400 MSP.

That’s $5, and that’s more than the current cost of Sonic & Knuckles on the marketplace right now…and, for that matter, less than most downloadable Sonic and Sega titles when they go on sale.  It’s also surprising since the Generations demo itself, while officially on a time lock, was free to download.

One can’t help but feel a sense of ASR syndrome out of this, and if there is DLC for the game, with the prices this high for Avatar items, one also has to wonder at what cost more substantive content will run.  Is this too expensive for you?  Tell us below in the comments.