Video: Sonic Generations Still Glitchy at SDCC

Video: Sonic Generations Still Glitchy at SDCC

by August 3, 2011

Cameras Rolling as “Very Hard Mode” Develops

Caught on camera at the San Diego Comic Con last month when Sega staked a small presence at the Archie booth were continued glaring glitches in the Green Hill Zone demo of Sonic Generations.  The video is courtesy of Youtuber Livster493.

The first, at about the 2:30 mark, is the same grinding problem we’ve seen in previous videos in the Green Hill caverns, which is quickly addressed by the player.  The second, beginning at about 3:27, is much more serious.  Flares of white light begin streaming onto the screen, cloaking Sonic’s path and at one point even resulting in the hedgehog taking damage.  This particular issue persists off an on throughout the rest of the stage.

Though Sonic Generations brand manager Aaron Webber does say the video the glitch you’re about to see below has been “isolated” by Sega–even shrugging it off by jokingly calling it “very hard mode”–you can’t help but feel a little worried about it with less than 5 months to go until launch.  Compound that with some scattered reports similar flashes of light occurred during Generations playtime at the Summer of Sonic show in June, and Sega clearly has its work cut out for them before the game goes gold.