No PS Vita in Domestic Markets Until 2012

No PS Vita in Domestic Markets Until 2012

by August 4, 2011

3DS Gets One Holiday Season to Make Its Mark

Sony today announced its new Playstation Vita portable system will only launch this year in Japan–leaving anxious gamers on the other side of the Pacific to wait on it until early next year.

The affirmed release timetable disclosed by Sony was careful not to be classified as a delay, and comes on the heels of speculation Sony would try and get Vita to North American and European stores as early as this Fall.  Japan will still get the Vita at the end of the year, though specifics on that front were not disclosed.

The one company that stands to benefit from the news is one that could use a boost: Nintendo.  Vita’s push to 2012 means the Nintendo 3DS will have room to breathe during the hectic Holiday season with a newly lowered price point.

For reference, Sony has no plans to try and match the 3DS price drop on the Vita.