See Generations’ “Chemical Plant” in motion

See Generations’ “Chemical Plant” in motion

by August 6, 2011

In HD, courtesy of Gameswelt

Special thanks goes out to Jakeiiii for this news tip pointing us to a Youtube video of Chemical Plant Zone in Sonic Generations. The video shows us our first look at both the Classic and Modern versions of the stage. Despite the poster’s claim that this is “exclusive” footage, it appears to be taken from German game website Gameswelt, and you can view their direct feed footage below:

(Can’t see the video? Click here)

As you’ll no doubt see, the video also contains a look at both versions of City Escape, providing a different peek at Classic Sonic’s version of the stage. Also – it may just be me – but it sounds like they’ve also changed Sonic’s Japanese voice actor. What do you guys think?