Poll: 81% Say Delay Sonic Generations 3DS

Poll: 81% Say Delay Sonic Generations 3DS

by August 8, 2011

Overwhelming Quality Concerns With Portable Edition

The results of the latest TSSZ News @Issue poll indicate an incredible desire to see the 3DS version of Sonic Generations delayed, amid widespread concern the game may not be up to snuff in time for its November release.

Out of 874 votes, 81 percent voted yes on the question.  Only 19 percent voted no.

To date, only Green Hill Zone, a boss stage, and the special stage areas have been publicly revealed through media in the portable Generations.  Several previews of the game indicate subpar controls and gameplay within.  That is juxtaposed with tremendous hype in the wake of gameplay shown in three stages of the game’s console counterpart.  Sega themselves have delayed two other 3DS titles, including Shinobi, for reasons unknown.

A new poll is available to vote on now.  You can discuss the poll results below in the comments.