UPDATE: Sonic Generations, M&S 2012 Going on US Mall Tour

UPDATE: Sonic Generations, M&S 2012 Going on US Mall Tour

by August 9, 2011

20+ Cities Get a Tryout

Announced Monday evening through Sega’s Twitter feed was news Sonic Generations will be among several games on display as a part of regional mall behemoth Simon Malls’s GamePlay tour.  We’ve since learned Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games will also be on hand for players to try out. UPDATE: We’ve also learned only the console version of Generations will be on hand.

The tour includes more than 20 major US markets, including the regional New York metro, Los Angeles and San Francisco, Dallas and Houston, Minneapolis, Chicago, Boston, and several more.  The tour kicks off tomorrow at the Dadeland Mall in Kendall, Florida and works its way north, then west through November.  The complete schedule can be found here.

This looks to be run independent of Sega, so it doesn’t appear any company staff will be on hand for the show.  But if you weren’t at Sonic Boom or were not able to check out the demos of Sonic Generations released in June, this may be your chance to experience it for yourself, along with other titles.

TSSZ will be covering at least one of the stops on the tour.  We will bring you what you need to know from our coverage, as well as bring you any other details from the tour when it kicks off later this week.