Sega’s GamesCom Booth: Green Hill Zone

Sega’s GamesCom Booth: Green Hill Zone

by August 10, 2011

Iconic Stage to be Recreated at Show

According to German website Sega Portal, both Sonic Generations and Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games will be present at GamesCom later this month.

But that was a given.  What wasn’t is how Sega will present the former: In a real life Green Hill Zone.  The company will recreate Sonic’s first stomping grounds for the booth–palm trees, loops, and all.  An 8 meter Sonic–more than 26 feet tall–will also be present.

Sega Portal also reports the 3DS version of Generations should be present at GamesCom.  That is significant since most fans believe that’s the version which needs the most work.  We should hopefully be able to gauge that edition’s progress from whatever we see, though there’s no word on whether Green Hill Zone will again be the only stage shown on 3DS.