New Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games Footage

New Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games Footage

by August 11, 2011

Generations ‘Coming Tomorrow’

After being announced only a few days ago the Sonic Generations Mall Tour seems to be in full swing already and, while most readers will undoubtedly be excited for Sonic Generations, Sega are showing off the latest Olympic Games offering too. For those of you who are interested in the game, footage can be found below.

The videos show off three events – Discus (‘Dream Discus), Long Jump (‘Dream Long’) and Show Jumping (‘Equestrian’). You’ll notice that each event straight away shows where the inspiration comes from for each stage, with Sonic and Mario stages being pointed out (keen Sonic fans should recognise one in particular).

Events seem to have a distinct Mario Party vibe, especially in Discus. Players control their characters by simply moving around with the remote and hitting the 2 button to boost. The aim of the game is to collect the most rings and, at the end of the stage, land closest to the centre of the circle to gain the most points. Players can knock each other out of the way and off-screen (though like in the Super Smash Bros series, players can see a bubble of themselves off-screen) to gain an advantage.

Dream Long requires players to travel the furthest distance by bouncing on clouds. The Wii Remote can be shaken up and down to gain further height after initially jumping to avoid obstacles and to recover from falling, and the 2 button – which seems to have special functions according to the event – can be pressed to ground pound. In New Super Mario Bros Wii style, you can also bounce off the heads of other player to maintain height.

The final event shown off – Show Jumping – asks players to ride around an obstacle course on a horse in the fastest time. Shaking the remote can be using to speed up the horse and this time the 2 button is used to jump over obstacles. Aside from that, there really isn’t too much to the event with the track seeming to be on-rails while the player jumps.

A final detail that is worth considering is the characters roster, which features four additional characters across the categories – Donkey Kong (Power), Baby Bowser (All-Around), Metal Sonic (Speed) and Silver (Skill). These seem to be unlockable characters judging by the icon accompanying the thumbnail.

Full credit goes to Setnaro X for tipping us with this information. As always, if you have something that you think is newsworthy and appropriate then don’t hesitate to tip us. Videos are below, or you can find them here.


Dream Long Jump

Equestrian (Show Jumping)