Sonic 4: Episode I Sells “Clearly” Over a Million Copies

Sonic 4: Episode I Sells “Clearly” Over a Million Copies

by August 11, 2011

Sega’s Hayes to Expect Episode II Announcement “Very Soon”

In an interview with website VG24/7 teased in part here, Sega West head Mike Hayes says that Sonic 4: Episode I, released across now five platforms with the Windows Phone 7 release earlier this Summer, has passed over a million copies sold.

“It did very well and it continues to do well,” Hayes said.  “Particularly when it gets a little shot in the arm with some promotion or some price activity, sales are quite phenomenal. Its downloaded clearly over a million units, so its sold particularly well and continues to sell.”

Hayes did not elaborate how much over a million Episode I has sold, or when the game hit that critical mark.

Hayes also told VG 24/7 that news of Episode II will arrive, in Hayes’s words, “very soon,” again not elaborating on a timetable.

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