Miami Misses Out on Sonic Generations Demo Tour

Miami Misses Out on Sonic Generations Demo Tour

by August 12, 2011

Organizer Confusion Leads to Fans Missing Out

While fans of Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games were pleased to see the game make its 2nd public appearance as part of Simon Mall’s game tour this week, those hoping to catch a glimpse of Sonic Generations at the Miami stop were unpleasantly surprised.

That’s because the game, promised by Sega itself via their Twitter feed, never made an appearance at the Dadeland Mall.  Setnaro X, who tipped us originally with the M&S videos, told us as much, and a couple of individuals have let Sega’s community team know as well.

“I had our people talk to the mall tour people and got it all sorted,” said community manager Kellie Parker in response to one concern this afternoon.  “Generations is up & running!”

Unfortunately for those living in Miami, it’s too late.  The tour left town yesterday, with the next stop more than three and a half hours north in Orlando’s Florida Mall starting tomorrow.  We will see if anything new comes out of there.