12 New Sonic Generations Spagonia Screenshots

12 New Sonic Generations Spagonia Screenshots

by August 16, 2011

A World Adventure, Unleashed Anew

Screenshot Smorgasbord 2011 continues with twelve additional new screenshots from the console version of Sonic Generations, this time in Sonic Unleashed‘s Spagonia section.

In the seven classic and five modern shots below, you can see there are so many barrels and balloons, you’d have thought we were peeking at Donkey Kong Country.  Instead, it’s modern Sonic in very familiar territory, though it appears the level design has been changed up considerably.  The best part?  At least for now, there isn’t a Werehog in sight.

Check out the shots below.  And if you missed them, remember we have shots from Seaside Hill and Mushroom Hill on the 3DS.