New Video: Sonic Generations GamesCom Trailer

New Video: Sonic Generations GamesCom Trailer

by August 16, 2011

Seaside Hill, Rooftop Run Officially Unveiled

This afternoon, Sonic fans received their best look yet outside of actual gameplay for Sonic Generations, as two stages were formally unveiled (and, once again, are in line with what we independently confirmed in June.)

The new trailer, released right before Sony’s GamesCom press conference, cuts between Sonic 2’s Chemical Plant, Rooftop Run in Sonic Unleashed‘s Spagonia, and Seaside Hill from Sonic Heroes.  You can also see both modern and classic Tails at the end rendered in CG, and a certain badnik from days of yore is also teased at the very end.

Check it out in the video box below, which comes to us courtesy of Woun.  We also thank the dozen or so other news tipsters who flooded the TSSZ News Tips inbox the second the trailer was revealed; we appreciate your efforts as well!