Setting the Sega Stage at Gamescom 2011

Setting the Sega Stage at Gamescom 2011

by August 17, 2011

Nooks, Crannies, and a Giant Hedgehog

In terms of stage design, Sega may very well have outdone themselves with its Gamescom organization.

What you see above and in full via the gallery below is the setup for Sega’s showing at the European gaming convention.  Notable among everything else: The giant, inflatable Sonic on the left hand side, as advertised, behind a couple Sonic Generations kiosks.  There are also plenty of Mario and Sonic kiosks to plug the upcoming London 2012 Olympic Games tie-in.

For those seeking a more intimate environment, there is a more private booth setup, complete with plenty of Sonic memorabilia, including one of those rare 20th anniversary statues.  Take a look below, and for more sights and sounds of Sega’s GamesCom booth, you can peek at Sega Europe’s Flickr page.