Gamescom 2011: Complete City Escape Modern Playthrough

Gamescom 2011: Complete City Escape Modern Playthrough

by August 18, 2011

You Want the Truck Chase?  We Have It All

In our previous video, you saw the modern City Escape stage glitching out right at the point most wanted to see: the GUN truck chase scene.

Thankfully, there’s another video that surfaced today, showing the monstrous sequence in its entirety.  It’s via YouTube and more specifically via the German website Gaming Clerks.  The entire modern stage is shown, albeit off camera.  Plus, you get another peek at the classic stage, though incomplete.

Have at look via the video below.  Unfortunately, it appears the stage selection is limited to just this and Green Hill on the Gamescom show floor.  It doesn’t mean more isn’t being shown behind closed doors, but it’s quite unlikely we will see Chemical Plant and beyond playable, at least for this showing.