Iizuka Vague on Modern Powers for Classic Sonic in Generations

Iizuka Vague on Modern Powers for Classic Sonic in Generations

by August 19, 2011

Old School Sonic Won’t Speak; Will he Become a Werehog?

There is good news and, for some, potentially bad news to come out of Sonic Generations preview posted by Kotaku’s Michael McWhertor today.

As has been reported elsewhere, Takashi Iizuka was made available for interviews during Gamescom this week.  In speaking to McWhertor, Iizuka confirmed that classic Sonic would lack a voice in-game, with classic Tails speaking on his behalf.  Modern Sonic will be chatting it up still, the Q&A confirms.

But classic Sonic could assume other modern franchise additions.  When the Green Hill demo was mined in June, some digging suggested evidence that the classic Werehog could make an appearance.  According to McWhertor, with thanks to Iizuka’s vagueness, don’t rule that out:

I asked Iizuka if classic, side-scrolling Sonic would be able to enjoy the superpowers of a game like Sonic Colors or Sonic Unleashed. Would he turn into a drill or a laser or a werewolf (or “werehog,” if you must)? Could chubby Sonic use a sword in Generations? Iizuka would neither confirm nor deny that classic Sonic’s skills would expand beyond spin dashing and jumping, but it sure sounds like a possibility.

For reference, McWhertor was demoed the recently revealed Rooftop Run stage–confirming at least one additional stage is being shown behind closed doors–but did not elaborate further on its contents.