Advertisement confirms Generations release date?

Advertisement confirms Generations release date?

by August 21, 2011

IGN UK lets the cat out of the bag

Over at Sonic Extreme they have screencaps of an IGN UK advertisement that was accidentally posted early today proclaiming November 4th as European launch date for Sonic Generations. The article also mentions that this advertisement confirmed the game’s North American launch as November 1st, though how is currently not clear. Try as I may, the only advertisements I can get to come up on IGN UK are for League of Legends and Lifesavers, suggesting the ad may have been pulled.

If Sega has any plans of an official announcement, PAX Prime is set to kick off in only a few days – and Sonic Generations will be playable on the show floor. That sounds like as good a time as any.

We’ll keep you posted.