MS’s Major Nelson Lists Sonic CD Port for XBOX Live

MS’s Major Nelson Lists Sonic CD Port for XBOX Live

by August 22, 2011

A Potential Sonic Boom Coming to PAX?

No wonder we’ve heard reprisals of Sonic Boom of late; it appears that theme may legitimately be playing on some XBOX 360s in due course.

Joystiq spotted a list of playable XBOX Live titles released by Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb, better known through his Major Nelson blog, that lists among other things a port of Sonic CD playable later this week at PAX in Seattle, Washington.  It’s not listed in any details for Sega’s planned showcase–at least not yet–and so far there hasn’t been a peep from Sega themselves about it.

If it holds, it would be only the second time the 1993 Sega CD title has been re-released.  The game saw a PC port in the 1990s, and was also a part of Sonic Gems Collection for the GameCube.  And if it’s for XBOX Live, barring an exclusive, a similar release for the Playstation Network wouldn’t be totally out of the question.  We’ll know about the prospects of a Sonic CD port soon enough, as PAX begins Friday.

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