Sonic Generations Gamescom Video Catch-Up

Sonic Generations Gamescom Video Catch-Up

by August 22, 2011

More of Mushroom Hill, and Big Arm’s Different Boss Theme

The news tipsters have been busy this weekend combing through new video on Youtube from Gamescom.  Unfortunately, we too have been busy, so we’re playing catch up this Monday morning.

The first two videos below are from NintendoWorldReport.  The first is a completely playthrough of Mushroom Hill Act 2 from the 3DS edition, with the audio in the clear.  As a bonus, the player actually knows what he’s doing.

You’ll note the music indeed is almost one hundred percent identical to the original Mushroom Hill Act 1 theme found in Sonic & Knuckles.  What has changed is in the second video, where the boss music has been given a slightly more appropriate change and upgrade from its original roots in Sonic 3 & Knuckles.  Given its instrumentation, one has to wonder if this may end up in the console counterpart as well.

The third video is more Mushroom Hill, but toward the end where we’ve (hopefully) logged the video to begin, you’ll hear a remixed Mushroom Hill in the clear.  Why the classic Act 1 is remixed while Act 2 is not may just be the circumstances of how Sega built the demo; it’s quite a strange occurrence otherwise.

Have a look at all of the video below.  Later today we will get you caught up with video from Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games.  We thank all the tipsters who again flooded our inboxes over the weekend with this video.  Don’t be shy–you can still send a news tip if you have something to share.