Initial Sonic Generations Story Details Surface

Initial Sonic Generations Story Details Surface

by August 23, 2011

It Will and Won’t Quite Be a Picnic

The UK website All About Games has the first glimmer of what to expect from a storyline in Sonic Generations.

In their preview, we learn how Sonic and company are warped through time–in something more reminiscent of Yogi Bear than Sonic, we learn the crew picked the wrong day to be out for a picnic:

At the start of the game, everyone is attending a picnic in honour of Sonic’s 20th, when all of a sudden a mysterious dark force intrudes and sends everyone, including our spiky blue protagonist, back in time. Sonic is finding a way to get himself and everyone else back to the present time and along the way he bumps into many familiar faces including his younger (albeit chubbier) self! The two Sonics team up and work together to save their friends once again.

The website calls said plot “cheesy,” but in reality it isn’t much different than the simplicity found in Sonic Colors–and it’s that simplicity that should keep classic Sonic fans especially pleased.  There’s still no hint as to the supposed new foe Sonic will face.