Prope Releases Four iOS Apps

Prope Releases Four iOS Apps

by August 24, 2011

A Safari, A Dungeon, A Camera, and Some Coin

Yuji Naka’s team has been busy at work trying to make the next big thing for iOS devices.  Today, the company released a variety of apps principally for iPhone and iPod Touch, and all but one are, for the moment, free of charge.

Real Animals HD is a virtual petting zoo of sorts, touting the claim of the highest caliber graphics in the history of iOS:

Touch the animals as they come and go on screen to see them jump, cry, roll over, and much more! Move your finger on the screen to make the animals walk or run in whichever direction you please! If you’re lucky, you might even get them to perform one of their special “Happy Actions.” The lively and energetic movement of these animals can be enjoyed from a variety of angles.

Next, there is role playing game Nine Dungeon, which we have video of below.  It’s an RPG with simple controls, and it can be played on earlier renditions of the iPhone:

Search through 9 blocks to find the staircase to the next level in this dungeon-delving RPG. Pick up potions and pickaxes left behind as you make your way deeper into the dungeon.

Hordes of dangerous monsters lie in wait inside the dungeon, but so do countless treasures of gold and silver! Collect treasure to buy powerful items and delve ever deeper into the depths.

This exciting dungeon crawler is full of extra features, with special skills, like the ability to see through blocks, or the “fever” system, where an avalanche of treasure appears.

Simple controls, deep fun. Will you delve deeper? Or will you turn back?
A heart-poundingly exciting, never-before-seen fantasy RPG.

On the casino side, Power of Coin compels players to shoot coins in order to collect even more.  It’s reminiscent of those games of chance one may see at an arcade:

Power of Coin is an arcade style medal pusher game. Tap the screen to shoot your Coins. The coins you acquire become your soldiers, and will automatically face off against Gods. If your soldiers manage to succeed in defeating the Gods, “God Slayer Time” is unlocked! It’s an exciting and exhilarating experience.

The app that may be the most interesting is the one that costs $1.99.  Past Camera starts shooting the moment the app launches, and may prove very useful for things like time lapse photography:

Past Camera is an amazing new camera app that offers a smart solution to this everyday problem. Photograph the past!! Or the past few seconds, at least. The app allows you to display and capture images from the past few moments. Operating the camera couldn’t be easier!Just ready the camera and press the button. Then, select your favorite shots from the thumbnails taken in consecutive high-speed. Taking a blurry photograph is no longer a problem. Just save your favorites and leave the rest!

You can even customize the camera to suit your needs, including changing the resolution or the time lapse between shots! Everyone wishes they could return to the past, but this amazing app is the first one to really offer you that experience.

More information on all four apps can be found via Prope’s press release on today’s news.  We have video of both Nine Dungeon and Power of Coin below.  None of the apps are available domestically just yet, but we suspect they will come across the Pacific quite soon.