Whitehead Confirms Involvement in Sonic CD Re-Release

Whitehead Confirms Involvement in Sonic CD Re-Release

by August 25, 2011

“This is the Retro-Engine, Kids”

Though not mentioned in Sega’s press release today concerning Sonic CD, Christian Whitehead himself, better known in the community as The Taxman, formally broke his silence today and confirmed it is his work powering the pending re-release for this Holiday season.

“This is the Retro-Engine kids,” he wrote this morning on Sonic Retro’s forums, adding that there will be “true widescreen” support for the game where appropriate.

He then sprinkled some other noteworthy items, such as the alleged ability to switch between Sonic 2/3&K and Sonic CD’s physics capabilities and, without giving too much away, said “certain obvious things” will be improved under the engine while others will remain the same.

You may remember back in 2009 when Whitehead showed off a proof of concept of Sonic CD running under the Retro Engine on the iPhone.  It quickly went back underground, leaving many to speculate if Sega would scoop up his work.

Despite shooting up to such notoriety, the Australian remains humble toward his success.

“Don’t forget to say thanks to SEGA and Sonic Team too,” he noted.  “A developer is only one part of a greater whole. Lots of people working hard in different areas to make it happen.”