Complete Details on SAGE 2011

Complete Details on SAGE 2011

by August 26, 2011

Panels, Video SAGECasts…even Concerts to Come

We told you about the first official details of SAGE earlier this week, but there’s a little more to it than what we first knew.

SAGE promotions head Shadix spelled out more complete details today on the Sonic Fan Games HQ forum, and they are below.   New to the online-only expo this year are Panels–in much the same vein as how a physical convention holds panels–and concerts, full of video game music acts.  A not necessarily competitive Best in Show contest will also be held.

So, take a look at the details below, and consider it your most complete record of what to expect from the big show.  We will cover it top to bottom in mid-September.

SAGE is a virtual expo takes place at There is no location in real life, the entire event can be accessed from wherever you are for free. The dates this year are September 18th – 24th. SAGE is an event that promotes aspiring game developers that create games making video games based on other franchises, particularly Sonic the Hedgehog. Established in 2000 by BlazeHedgehog, the event has evolved to become an entire festival of the community. With tons of special guests in the past, great games, and awesome events, SAGE has grown to be appreciated in many circles across the internet!

SAGE is split between the actual website, which serves as an outlet for developers to promote their games through virtual “booths”, an IRC channel for conversing with fellow v-expo goers, a 24 hour streaming radio station filled of events and fun entertainment, a message board, and starting this year a video stream.

To showcase your game at SAGE, you must register a “booth”. The game does not have to be Sonic the Hedgehog based or even based on a franchise. We have always remained open to all sorts of games being showcased. On the SAGE site your booth is represented by a banner and minor details which leads people to a website you set up to promote your game. The deadline to register booths is September 14th. More information on registration can be seen below. We do accept Rom Hacks!

Here are the details as ironed out by our loving Smidge:

Booth banner: 200 x 40 No borders! (Please attach to registration e-mail)
Booth URL – If you don’t have one yet that’s fine, but you’ll need to get that sorted by Sept. 17
Your booth will be displayed in an iframe 390 high by 625 wide. We encourage you to include a splash page to fit within this space with a link to open your
main page in a new window.

E-mail your banner and page URL to by September 14th! It would be really cool if you could have your demo ready by this date too!

and now onto the specifics!

This year is home to a couple new things for SAGE. For starters, we are introducing Panelsthis year.

What is a Panel? It can be many things. Some range from workshops akin to what we’ve done in the past to demonstrations to simple chatter on a subject. A specific topic may be discussed like “The Effects of Videogames on Children” or can be instructional like “How to Announce an Announcement”.

The only rule is that they have to have a subject to discuss and have an idea of how its going to be planned out. In addition, this year SAGE is introduced a Video Feed stream via Livestream to help augment these new experiences. Expect to hear more on that down the road.

If you would like to run a panel write a pitch and send it to Shadix at We are currently not accepting Panel requests to promote their organization however this may change in the near future. Please stay tuned and give us your two cents on this feature.

New to SAGE this year is going to be an epic concert night(s) of videogame music galore. Expect more details down the road of our participating acts.

If you are interested in performing send a demo tape to Shadix at

In usual SAGE fashion our dramatic fanfictions will be return, lead by our resident fanfiction connossoire Dominic Cerquitti of Big Huge Games.

Watch out! This year is bound to be the most jampacked hilarious read yet!

The first of our panels this year, hosted by Overbound of Sonic Time Twisted, will show you tips on creating level art for your fangame and techniques for building your level!

As you guys know, SAGEcast is our 24hour streaming radio station where we a huge chunk of SAGE takes place.

Regular SAGEcast broadcast timeslot requests will open when Registrations close.

If you are preparing something special or have an event planned, please email and we’ll be try to accommodate you.

Starting with this year, we are implementing a way to help promote your fangames on our SAGEcast. With booth registration, you can submit a quick 30 second earcatcher which will be distributed in a ZIP that will be distributed to anyone running a SAGEcast. Guidelines on how this system will work will be posted at a later date.

If you would like your game to be promoted on SAGEcasts please send your clip as a WAV file to The idea is to keep them short and consise. E-mail Shadix for more details and advice. Limit one per project, please!

Not necessarily new to SAGE, this year we’re trying to provide more options for video streaming for casters, panels, etc.

What could a videocast be used for?:
*Playthroughs of the games
*Visual demonstrations during panels
*Just plain ol Talkshows
*Concert footage
and more!

If you are interested in doing a video cast, please email Shadix at

We are happy to help promote the independently run Sonic the Hedgehog Hacking Contest 2011 which will be having a community voting period during SAGE week. From Sunday, September 18th to Friday, September 23rd a special section on the SSRG Forums will be open where you can check out this year’s entries and vote for Community Trophies. You will need to register on the SSRG forum to vote, so you might want to get that out of the way now! ~Smide204

Also in the works is a for-fun “Best in Show” contest organized by Overbound – put your best foot forward