SAGE 2011 News and Notes

SAGE 2011 News and Notes

by August 26, 2011

One SFG On Board; Another Sitting Out

We have the first bits of information on what to expect from the online-only 2011 Sonic Amateur Games Expo.

First, courtesy of a tip from AugieD on Twitter, news that the creator of last year’s acclaimed Tails Nightmare 2, known as TheBlox on DeviantART, will bring a version 2.0 demo of another project, Cosmic Rush, to this year’s show.  TheBlox’s explanation keeps expectations in check:

No part of the story will be revealed, or any of my special secrets that I have in store. The level you’ll be playing will likely be a little different in the full version as well, with more secret areas and such.

While one project is in, another highly anticipated one is out.  The producer of Sonic the Hedgehog: Mecha Madness, Streak Thunderstorm, says a build won’t be on board for this year’s SAGE.  He explains an engine change prompted the no-show:

The reason why Mecha Madness is dropping from SAGE is because I’m moving it away from MMF2 and bringing it into a better platform with real programming language. MMF2 has lived out its novelty.

That’s what we know for now.  We will continue to update as we get closer to the expo.