Ken Balough on Sonic CD as Sonic 4’s “prequel”

Ken Balough on Sonic CD as Sonic 4’s “prequel”

by August 27, 2011

“Sonic CD was never really tied to the numberical Sonics”

Since its official reveal, Sega has been making a clear connection between the upcoming digital download release of Sonic CD and Sonic the Hedgehog 4, even going so far as to edit the Sonic CD announcement trailer in such a way as to initially appear to be a promo for Sonic 4. This has elicited a number of reactions from Sonic fans – from confusion to anger and perhaps even elation.

Sega Brand Manager Ken Balough took some time recently to address this issue on the official Sega forums for Sonic 4 Episode 1:

Hi Everyone!!

Ok so I’m at PAx right now showing off Sonic CD to every lucky person who’s attending the show (by the way if you are here – it’s at the MSFT booth.)

But I have a few minutes and I’ve seen some confusion about Sonic CD being a prequel – and it is!! Just as you imagined it.
which is basically my way of saying – allow me to illuminate the situation.

Remember back during Ep 1, I was saying we had outlined a great story for the Sonic 4 Saga? It all come back to that Cliffhanger at the end – where we brought back Metal Sonic. Sonic CD was never really tied to the numberical Sonics in any significant way back in the 90’s. Sonic 4 is going to change that, and bridge these adventures together in a meaningful way.
While we are not taking away “when CD happened” in relationship to the numerical versions, we can tell you that the events in CD are very important to 4 (as you can imagine from us bringing Metal Sonic back)

So before we take you to Ep 2, we’re gonna give all you fans a chance to experiance CD for the first time in years – and with a terrific presentation in wide screen. And yes the physics are fine!

So as you can see from the Trailer we created – Sonic took a slight detour into “The Past”, and later will be propelled back into the future to resume the Sonic 4 Saga

And if your at PAX come say Hi!


What’s sort of weird about all of this is the implication that Sonic CD might actually be taking place between Episode 1 and Episode 2 – with Sonic temporarily being propelled back in time only to return to the present again. Or, you know, maybe that’s looking a little too deeply in to these things (yes, yes it is).

Either way, it confirms that Sonic 4 Episode 2 will probably be borrowing elements from Sonic CD in some form or another. While it’s easy to assume an appearance by Metal Sonic, it makes you wonder if maybe the Time Travel mechanic will make a re-apperance.

Thanks goes out to Needlemouse for the news tip, who seem to be a band based in New York. Give their songs a listen!