Playstation Universe clears the air on Sonic Generations

Playstation Universe clears the air on Sonic Generations

by August 27, 2011

New details emerge regarding Rooftop Run has had a chance to play a newer build of Sonic Generations, and has taken this opportunity to clear the air regarding rumored information. The rumor in particular involves the presence of what appears to be Flying Battery from Sonic 3 & Knuckles making an appearance through Generations‘ Classic version of Rooftop Run; earlier previews from other sites hinted that players might’ve battled through an extended sequence on the airship, but PSU tapers those expectations somewhat:

Before we talk about Classic Sonic, I want to clear something up. Other previews have been vague on what happens at the end of the Classic Sonic version, and some fan sites have suggested that you may see other old levels within levels due to this. This is simply untrue in Roof Top Run, which we’ll explain in due time.

Due to the amount of classic and even modern levels that Sonic Team has not been able to directly include in the game, recreating all these stages from scratch for each Sonic allows them to take inspiration from other sections. In City Escape and Roof Top Run, Classic Sonic sees the return of the floor springs from Sonic 2 (the ones where you run over them and they cause Sonic to spring up and do a barrel roll in the air), and a platforming section reminiscent of the boss in Labyrinth Zone of Sonic 1 awaits the Blue Blur as he makes his way up the Clock Tower.

Some Sonic fans may remember you had to do this with the Werehog in Unleashed, but let us assure you, it is nowhere near as frustrating or fiddly. Once at the top, the “airship” is in range, and you rev up a Spin Dash to go into it, only to exit it a moment or so later, the camera tracking Sonic from outside the airship as he zips around it from left to right, implying he’s damaging it as he goes. As he steps onto a platform at the base of the airship, he sprints towards the goal post in a set piece based on the bombing run in Sonic 3’s Angel Island Zone.

The rest of the article contains impressions on other Sonic Generations levels, so maybe you should head over to and check out their article.