See what Invincibility looks like in Sonic Generations

See what Invincibility looks like in Sonic Generations

by August 27, 2011

The demo still holds more secrets

Despite the fact the Sonic Generations demo expired more than a month ago, some people are still playing it and hacking new information out of it. A news tip from krazeeKidd102 has pointed us towards one particular video that has done all kinds of strange and interesting things with the demo. Like what, might you ask? How about replace every item monitor in Green Hill Zone with the skateboard power-up from City Escape? Or the Invincibility power-up?

But it doesn’t stop there. Also on tap is a look at Classic Sonic in Modern Sonic’s Green Hill Zone, using a weird sort of pseudo homing attack dash thing. And, somewhere after the 17 minute mark, some delightful spoiler content. Sound interesting? Check it out:

(Can’t see the video? Click Here)

What’s interesting to note is just how incomplete this demo actually seems to be. The invincibility power-up doesn’t trigger a change in music (despite being included with the demo’s data), and doesn’t even display at all when it comes time for Modern Sonic to use it. Strange stuff.

Thanks again, krazeeKidd102.