Destructoid’s Jim Sterling Previews Sonic Generations

Destructoid’s Jim Sterling Previews Sonic Generations

by August 30, 2011

“I am utterly convinced that the game is some sort of cruel trick”

You’ll notice we haven’t paid a ton of attention to the various previews surrounding Sonic Generations unless they have video or something new attached to them.  But given his reputation among Sonic fans (and to an extent with Sega itself,) there is one opinion we will relay for your consideration–that of Jim Sterling, review editor for

Today, Mr. 4.5 afforded his thoughts from previewing the console game at PAX, and while it’s clear he is pleased with what he played, Sterling’s past experiences with the franchise give him caution:

[….] After playing both acts of City Escape, I am utterly convinced that the game is some sort of cruel trick. If the game is actually this consistently good when it releases, I fear it’ll come attached to an extravagant Saw-style trap!


I absolutely refuse to be excited for the game until I played the whole thing, but I can say that I’ve played four stages to date, and I’ve been confidently happy with three of them (I’ll need to play the Modern Green Hill Zone again to properly gauge it). The City Escape levels are plenty of fun, look gorgeous, and have been tightly designed. With everything else looking promising, this could be a good one, but I’m not willing to discount the fact that this is a big prank yet.

In contrast to recent console Sonics, Sterling also noted his approval in Generations for the modern portions:

Fenrir take my wretched soul, but I actually enjoyed the bloody thing. Sonic felt controllable in the 3D environment, didn’t take any cheap pitfalls deaths, had a homing attack that actually worked, and even the occasional shift to 2D perspective was enjoyable, with the physics feeling far more solid and nowhere near as “floaty” as Sonic Unleashed or Sonic Colors.

The full preview can be read at the second cited link above.