Sega Japan Preparing More Sonic Anniversary Merchandise

Sega Japan Preparing More Sonic Anniversary Merchandise

by August 30, 2011

A Couple T-Shirts, a Couple Keychains…and a Guitar

If you’ve checked the Sonic anniversary portal run by Sega of Japan of late, you may have seen a couple new pieces of merchandise pop up.  It appears Sega has several items in the pipeline as we get closer to Sonic Generations‘s launch.  All of them can be seen in the gallery below.

The batch includes two Sonic T-shirts; one that simply states Sonic: The World’s Fastest Hedgehog, and another full color print of Sonic Generations’s Green Hill artwork, with what appears to be Modern Sonic running through.  The latter, if you import, will cost a pretty penny, some ¥6,300, or more than $82 in US money, and will be released in November.  The somewhat more reasonably priced plain shirt runs ¥3,045, or almost $40, with a planned October release.

A couple keychains will also be released.  A small Sonic bag with keychain capability will be released in November for ¥2,100, or more than $27.  A standalone keychain will be released the month before at half the cost.

Then, there’s the Sonic guitar.  Allegedly, it’s a replica of the same guitar Jun Senoue uses from time to time, and it’s available for pre-order now via Japanese retailer ESP for ¥136,500, or more than $1,778.  If you’re planning to penny pitch in order to afford the instrument, unless you live in Japan, don’t bother; allegedly, the company will only ship inside the country.  There’s always EBay.

Thanks to various news tipsters through various mediums–be it E-Mail or Twitter–for helping us piece this puzzle together.