Jun Senoue to Jam During Tokyo Game Show?

Jun Senoue to Jam During Tokyo Game Show?

by August 31, 2011

Not Set in Stone Yet, Senoue: “I Need to Think”

The header image above is admittedly misleading, since as it stands right now, it would be only Jun Senoue who could perform during a Sunday Sega stage show at the Tokyo Game Show next month.  But even that isn’t completely confirmed yet according to Senoue himself, speaking through the Crush 40 Twitter feed.

“It looks like I will have a slot to perform at Sega stage / Tokyo Game Show on Sep 18th, Sunday. I will keep you informed the details,” Senoue said, adding later that if it happens, it would be a solo performance, with no Johnny Gioeli or anyone else joining him.

“I need to think about the songs to play there and I know it will be a great opportunity to play some from (Sonic) Generations,” Senoue continued, in reply to a Tweet from a fan.

We will hopefully see Senoue put on a show in a couple weeks, and if he does, our Japan based correspondent Danny Russell should be there to bring you details.