No New Sonic Generations Stages Showing Publicly at TGS

No New Sonic Generations Stages Showing Publicly at TGS

by September 6, 2011

Green Hill One Day, City Escape the Next

If you were hoping to see Chemical Plant or Spagonia on display during the Tokyo Game Show in a couple weeks, don’t…at least not during the public days.

The Sonic 20th Anniversary Twitter feed updated with information that suggests only two zones from the console version will be shown during the two public days, and they will be the same two zones we’ve become accustomed to lately.  Green Hill will be showcased on the 17th, while City Escape will be on display the 18th.  At the TGS family section, Green Hill will be the only zone displayed during both public days.

There will, however, be a special Sonic Anniversary live music event beginning Sunday afternoon, September 18th, during the TGS.  Takashi Iizuka will be on hand, and Jun Senoue is now confirmed to perform, along with Tomoya Ohtani, who was sound director for the magnificent soundtrack to Sonic Unleashed.

We will see if anything new creeps up during the media/business days, which are September 15th and 16th.  Our Japan based correspondent Danny Russell will be there to bring you everything you need to know from the big show.