Video: Watch Sonic the Sketchhog in Action

Video: Watch Sonic the Sketchhog in Action

by September 8, 2011

What You’re Missing on the Android

We’ve heard some kvetching about Android and other smartphone owners being left out of the Sonic 20th anniversary app, and more importantly, Sonic the Sketch Hog.

With the more stylized Splash Hill music playing, Sketch Hog is a simple game of collecting rings, timing jumps, and avoiding traps…an appropriate reminder of old school Sonic gameplay.  The longer you survive, the larger your score is at the end of the session, even if that session reaches well into Death mode.

Death mode aside, the game’s art style is something special, and if you have an iOS 4 enabled device, there’s no reason not to pick it up.  For the rest of us, there are play-through videos.  We have one below courtesy of Youtube user MoonshadowCaz.  It will have to do for some.