Sega Affirms Sonic Generations 360, PS3 Release Dates

Sega Affirms Sonic Generations 360, PS3 Release Dates

by September 9, 2011

But 3DS Edition Still Up in the Air

This will be old hat for most, but in the absence of a formal announcement, we wanted to pass along word that Sega has apparently cemented release dates for the home console editions of Sonic Generations.

On the company’s product page for the game, each territory has been updated to reflect an early November release on XBOX 360 and PS3.  North America’s date is November 1st.  Australia’s is November 3rd, and Europe’s date is November 4th.

While the US still has Late 2011 listed for the 3DS edition, the two other territories are showing a more generic November 2011 release date, so if the portable version isn’t ready for early November, it should be shortly after.

Thanks to AugieD who tipped us on Twitter, as well as Tundiam who used the News Tips E-Mail to tell us.