Source: Sega Preparing New Bayonetta Game & More

Source: Sega Preparing New Bayonetta Game & More

by September 12, 2011

And They Could be Revealed During TGS

We’ve told you a couple fun tidbits relayed last week our inside source relayed to us.  Now, to get serious: The source also told TSSZ to expect a new Bayonetta reveal fairly soon–soon enough that it could coincide with the Tokyo Game Show this week.

The source could not confirm if it was a proper sequel or spinoff, but did say that in addition, Sega Sammy’s animation studio Marza Animation Planet is working on an animated component to the franchise.  The source could not disclose whether this would be a short in the vein of Night of the Werehog, or a full-length feature.

As before, the source requested anonymity, but has provided accurate information to us in the past.  In fact, the source hinted to us long ago at a new Super Monkey Ball coming in some form.  We never published that particular information on account of it being too vague at the time, but over the weekend, screens leaked of a new SMB tagged for the Playstation Vita–adding confidence in the authenticity of this information.

We will, of course, keep tabs on this.  Also, keep in mind that we will have Danny Russell reporting for us direct from the TGS show floor this week, and he will be following up on this and many more items for us.  We’re not done yet with the juice, either; tomorrow, we’ll tell you how the Virtua Fighter series fits into Sega’s present and future plans.